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At Mycro we believe honesty is a key element in the relationship we have with our customers, and as such we have addressed the following issues.

Credit Card and Personal Information

When you order online with Mycro your credit card details are passed through a secure server where millions of code combinations scramble the signal whilst you are entering and transmitting the security details. All credit card payments are managed by

Once this process is complete and we have processed your order, we do retain some basic customer information which may be used for guarantee purposes, customer recognition, or to inform you of any special offers.

If you would like to be removed from our database please tick the required box when placing your online order, or inform one of our sales team when placing your order or just after. We will not supply your personal details to any third party without your permission.

Web Intelligence

The Mycro utilises software developed by our own specialists. It uses various methods to collect and analyse data, which enables us to review, develop and improve the services we offer and enhance your overall shopping experience.

The data we collect tells us information such as how you found our website, which search engine or search phrase you used, were your referred and from whom, which products are being viewed and when, which articles are read and for how long, which brands or specifications are most popular, etc.

None of the information we collect is specific to a particular customer as we are unable to identify you other than as a unique, or returning user.

This privacy policy only covers and as such we are not liable for any third parties that we may link to, recommend or publicise through our website.




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